Fraser Johnston

Cinematic stories of natural history, science and adventure. Spectral Media specialises in natural history, science communication, documentary films and cinematography for the web and TV.  Fraser Johnston has been working with film production companies, brands, educational and research institutions since 2014.

Fraser films edits directs and produces, he holds a BSc, BA Jmc (Honours), and has been nominated for an Emmy in cinematography for his work on David Attenbrough’s Life that Glows.

Stories from the natural world

Ghost fungi, glow worms, luminous oceans and rarely seen animals from the inky depths, these are not organisms you can see in a zoo!

Spectral collaborates with scientists and researchers to locate and film some of the¬†natural world’s most spectacular phenomenon. Using high quality research, specialised equipment and a background in behavioural and evolutionary ecology, Spectral shines a light on organisms and behaviours that entertain, educate and engage.

Challenge and discovery

Caves are one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth but humans are curious creatures, if a place exists, people will find a way to go there!

Tartarus, (In development) is a feature film charting the exploration of the Junee Florentine cave system. It follows the fortunes of cave explorers in the lead up to the 2019 Australian cave depth record attempt.

Push Day is a 22min prelude to Tartarus that follows cavers Stephen Fordyce, Andreas Klocker and Petr Smjekal as they explore a new section of Australia’s deepest cave. Watch it here!

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